HCJB equips Indonesian radio station in the aftermath of deadly quake

By November 11, 2009

Indonesia (MNN) — After a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit the island of Sumatra in Indonesia on September 30, a great deal of relief work ensued. Doctors were brought in, food aid was distributed, and shelter was provided; provision of basic needs is expected after such a traumatic event.

But another development a bit less expected came quickly in the aftermath of the tragedy as well: a radio station.

The birth of a radio station in the wake of such a wide scale tragedy may seem random, but it could not have been more necessary. The station was created after the quake by local believers in order to provide informative updates and inspirational music for those affected.

There are very few believers in Sumatra. According to Partners International, only 100 to 300 of the 9 million Minang people in Western Sumatra are believers. The majority of the populous is Muslim.

The introduction of a Christian radio station, therefore, is an immensely important step forward. It provides Christians a platform not only to speak the love of Christ, but also to use the power of music to bring peace to those who have suffered and draw them to the Lord.

HCJB Global recently returned from a trip to the Padang area of Sumatra, a region which suffered gravely from the effects of the quake. HCJB passed out 20 solar-powered radios set to this Christian radio station and also donated equipment to the station, providing training for those working there.

After almost two months, the need for relief work is beginning to die down, but the need for a Savior is still  prevalent. The station will likely hold onto listeners gained after the quake, even after relief work ends. Those affected are suffering the traumatic effects of the quake and undoubtedly need a place to turn for solace.

Pray that this radio would be the comfort its listeners need by providing the peace and hope of Jesus Christ. Pray that many would come to know the Lord as they experience the love of His followers via radio.

To learn more about HCJB's work in Indonesia, click here. To learn more about the tragic effects of the quake, click here.


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