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Published on 21 July, 2010

HCJB installs new radio station in Nepal

Nepal (MNN) — Local volunteers spent months building, connecting electricity, and finishing groundwork all for one big project. A third HCJB Global FM radio station has finally been opened in Nepal.

The new station has a far enough range that it should be able to reach roughly 200,000 people with its broadcasts. This is an especially welcome feat in an area which, according to HCJB, has "few Christians and even fewer churches."

The new station is especially exciting in light of the fact that Nepal has only been allowed to maintain FM radio stations since 2008. The introduction of democracy in the country provided a host of opportunities for HCJB partnerships in Nepal. In 2009, the ministry supplied equipment, installation, and training to put its first two partner stations in motion in Nepal.

The new station has aroused excitement among local Christians, 11 of whom volunteered for on-air training. HCJB's Nepali partner who initiated this station hopes to plant churches now that the station has been set up. The churches will provide a place for existing believers to worship, and will hopefully be home to those who hear the Good News on the radio broadcasts and give their lives to the Lord.

HCJB's next project in Nepal is scheduled to be installed this September. To help HCJB as they bring the Gospel into Nepali homes that may never otherwise hear it, click here.

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