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By November 5, 2008

USA (MNN) — Beyond The Call is a short-feature program heard on about 1,000 Christian radio stations around the United States. It's produced by HCJB Global Voice, featuring Ron Cline.

HCJB's Heidi Jones says, "The whole premise of the program is stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

Like the story of the little girl who heard about the need for mosquito nets in Africa to protect people from malaria. Now she's raised thousands of dollars to help protect people in Africa from the disease that's taking the lives of millions each year.

With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching in the United States, HCJB Global is looking to take their program to the next level and encourage Christians. Jones says, "We'd really like to encourage people to look for ways they can help others. We tend to focus a lot on ourselves or our families during these holidays, and we'd really like for people to look for ways to really make a difference in someone else's life."

That's why they've started the programs called, "What's Your Story?" that will run from now through December 31.

"What we're encouraging listeners to do is to go beyond the call, make a difference in someone else's life, and then go their computers to BTCblog.com and share their stories with us," says Jones.

That's not all. Jones says, "Every couple of weeks we're going to be doing a drawing for qualified entrants, and they'll be able to win a video 'Flip' camcorder. It's a cool little video camera."

The whole purpose of the campaign is two-fold. They want to collect more stories to share on the air. But they also want Christians to know they can do something. "There are some many things that people can do that don't require a whole lot of money. It's just being creative and taking some time out of your day to look beyond your own circumstances and really make a difference in someone else's life."

If you have a "Beyond the Call" story you'd like to share, go to BTCblog.com. There you'll create your username and password. After you've submitted that information, you'll receive the information you need to write your story of how you've gone 'Beyond the Call' to serve Christ.

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