HCJB radio programs reach youth with Truth

By October 27, 2011

Eurasia (MNN) — The body of believers runs thin in many areas of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. In Poland, 90% of municipalities have no evangelical church. There are fewer evangelical believers there than in Saudi Arabia.

The more outreach tools available to Christians in these areas, the better. HCJB Global is able to provide one tool in particular that's non-threatening and widespread: radio.

Radio continues to touch a number of lives in Eurasia. Again in Poland, people traditionally listen to radio throughout their work day. HCJB reports that it evens out to an average of about four hours of radio time.

HCJB is partnering with a commercial station operated by Radio CCM in Poland. The station reaches many people, not just Christians. Callers often call in with concerns over loneliness and despair, looking for hope in Christ. The radio station is able to share the Good News with many looking for answers.

David Uhles, HCJB's Europe/Eurasia Regional Director, says their partner seeks to illuminate without being pushy. "Let's say you have a goal to get someone to take off their coat," says Uhles. "You can use a strong wind that tugs at their coat and tries to blow it off, but they hold onto it even tighter as the wind blows. Or, you can let the sun warm the person so much that they willingly take their coat off.

"We want to be the sun with light and warmth to have them listen to the Gospel."

Other Eurasian HCJB partner stations are run by similar principles. Currently, Russian stations are searching for ways to reach cities with smaller populations through internet feeds to FM frequencies. Their goal is to reach more young listeners who are not necessarily believers with the Gospel.

In Croatia, an HCJB partner studio is located in a high school. The location provides the potential to develop a communications course or track for students as electives. Seven churches are already on board with the project.

Youth are an extremely important demographic to reach for Christ in any culture, and HCJB is able to do it in a non-threatening, familiar medium. Pray that these stations would grow, and that more and more young people would come to Christ and become leaders in the churches of these regions. Pray that HCJB's work might be the catalyst for a bursting church across Eurasia.

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