Healthcare for the poor and marginalized expands

By March 26, 2013

India (MNN) — In India, Baptist Global Response (BGR) says a medical outreach to the poor is growing.

Mother Teresa Hospital serves the needy in both rural villages and city slums, operating as the Bangalore Baptist Hospital's satellite clinic. Through mobile clinics, disease prevention and community education, BGR works at this center to help rural villagers gain access to medical services they need.

Now they're expanding their medical outreach to include eye care and pregnancy services.

Since 2010, BGR and the Bangalore Baptist Hospital have worked together to improve healthcare access in 40 villages. Over 3,600 patients came to Mother Theresa Hospital that year, and nearly 700 people received help through mobile clinics.

The ministries focus their efforts on vulnerable people groups: women, people with disabilities, and the elderly. A tailoring unit helps women gain job skills and opportunities for employment, while a community-based rehabilitation project seeks to improve life for the disabled.

By meeting physical needs, medical workers are able to point to the Great Healer, Jesus Christ. Pray that God's healing power will draw more people to know Him.

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