Heart4Afghanistan serves those traumatized by the Taliban

By August 16, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — When the Taliban conquered Afghanistan one year ago, Heart4Iran’s call center was flooded with calls from frightened people.

Mike Ansari says, “They were hopeless, traumatized, and afraid for their lives. All of the callers needed trauma counseling. So we hired Afghan Christians, trained them on trauma counseling, and set up a vast call center focusing on processing contacts from Afghanistan.”

“They talk to those inside of Afghanistan, and also Afghan refugees fleeing to other countries.”

This initiative is called Heart4Afgahnistan.

Ansari says most callers wanted to know about Jesus. “We just told them that God loves them, and has not forsaken them. We assured them that God had a wonderful plan for them.”

Afghan church

Afghans are very tech-savvy, Ansari says. They spend time on Facebook and Instagram, trying to connect with people outside the country.

This contributed to the success of the Heart4Afghanistan platform. Ansari says, “They are looking for hope, they are looking for meaning. We launched back in 2019, an online virtual church for Iran. And the response was great. So we decided to do a beta launch of an Afghan online church. And the results were very impressive.”

The online church just launched at the end of July. Pray it would bring hope and joy to many Afghans. You can support this effort here.

Ministry in Afghanistan

Heart4Iran has worked inside Afghanistan since 2009. Ansari says, “We’ve been doing two weekly live shows on Mohabat TV reaching the Afghans.”

Afghans are a part of the Persian-speaking world. They speak and understand Farsi, which is the official language of Iran.



Header photo courtesy of Heart4Iran on Facebook.