Heart4Iran delivers hope to Iran’s next generation

By February 14, 2022

Iran (MNN) — Hope is on the horizon for vulnerable kids in Iran. Heart4Iran’s Mike Ansari says the picture today is bleak.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

More than 51,000 children have lost one or more of their parents due to the COVID pandemic, and that’s leaving these children very vulnerable. Thousands of them have to fend for themselves; they become either homeless or victims of trafficking or abuse, or become refugees,” Ansari explains.

Heart4Iran is working on a new program to connect these kids with the hope of Christ.

“Our ministry is starting 2022 by raising funds for the future church of Iran. This includes launching a Virtual Sunday School, continuing to partner with Superbook to create shows in the Farsi language, and increasing our outreach to this younger community through our counseling center,” Ansari says.

“The Virtual Sunday School is not another platform to teach the Bible to children. It is a place where they become part of a bigger family.”

Led by believers from a Muslim background, these new efforts will introduce kids and families to the message of redemption.

“Remember, Iran [has] a worldview of honor and shame, and whenever they are going through difficult times, they feel ashamed,” Ansari says.

“We need to cut through those barriers and bring the Gospel to them.”

Partner with Heart4Iran in this new initiative here. Most importantly, pray.

“Pray for the families, for the moms and dads or single parents, to come to know about Jesus. Pray for God’s mercy and protection and grace over the children finding themselves as orphans or highly marginalized,” Ansari requests.

“Pray for Mohabat TV to walk in God’s accuracy, wisdom, and favor. Pray that we will have God’s DNA in everything that we do.”



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