Heart4Iran helps Iranian couple plant a church

By November 9, 2020

Iran (MNN) — The underground church is alive and growing in Iran. Take the remarkable story of Marzieh and her husband, who started a house church with some of their friends.

It all started with a trip to Sweden. A friend invited Marzieh’s husband to church, and he became a Christian soon after. When he returned, the family noticed the change. He shared Christ with them and showed them Mohabat TV, a Christian channel run by Heart4Iran. Marzieh and their two children became Christians soon after.

Marzieh and her husband. (Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran on Facebook)

Mike Ansari, President of Heart4Iran and Director of Operations for Mohabat TV, says, “This couple started an underground church, knowing the risks, because they love Jesus so much that they couldn’t be silent. They witnessed to their friends and neighbors, and a friendship group got started in their home. With the help of the Mohabat TV Response Team, it developed into a church.”

Persecution of Christians

Many churches in Iran use Mohabat TV and other media ministries for training, discipleship, and virtual church. This allows Iranian believers to grow in their faith from safe places.

And they often need a safe place, as Iran cracks down hard on Christian populations. Ansari says, “Iran remains a dangerous country for any person who follows Jesus. And the Iranian government has taken it upon themselves to continue to harass, persecute, and marginalize the Christian population in the country. The Islamic government of Iran feels threatened as many families become Christian, so the persecution and imprisonment are continuing at full force.”

So many Iranians have left Islam for Christianity, putting aside wealth, status, security, and even family to follow Jesus. On November 18th, join in a global day of prayer for Christians of Muslim backgrounds.



The header photo is courtesy of Heart4Iran on Facebook.