Heart4Iran talks about the power of prayer

By December 29, 2022

Iran (MNN) — Many people in Iran have seen a very ugly side of the state religion, Shia Islam. They have watched women and minorities be oppressed in the name of God.

Mike Ansari with Heart4Iran says, “They’re asking the hard questions. Is there a God? Am I just an accident on this Earth? What is happening? What is the divine plan?”

Many Iranian Christians think they are alone. When they connect with Heart4Iran through Mohabat TV, they learn how many others Christians live in the country. Ansari says, “They think they are the only Christian families, isolated converts. And then they get to know that there is a huge family of Iranian believers outside of Iran and inside the country, praying for them.”

The power of prayer

Ansari has seen the power of this prayer.

One day, he met two Muslim men who wandered into a church. Their father was dying, and they were sad. Ansari went with them to the hospital and asked if he could pray to Jesus for the man. They not only agreed, but the whole family joined in.

Then, something remarkable happened. Ansari says, “As we prayed, the wife had her hands on the toes of her dying husband, just praying for him. And all of a sudden, she started screaming.”

The sick man moved in the middle of the prayer, despite having suffered a stroke and paralysis. Ansari says, “In about 30 seconds, the patient in a coma opened his eyes. And he sat up and said, ‘Jesus.’ And then he just laid back down.”

A family changed

Months later, the father and his family visited Ansari’s church. They said, “We want Jesus.”

The entire family, including in-laws and grandparents, became Christians. Ansari says, “Their son, the one that had come to church the first time, eventually became our Christianity 101 teacher at the church.”



(Header photo courtesy of Heart4Iran on Facebook) 

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