Heavy flooding troubles Haiti

By September 9, 2008

Haiti (MNN)– Hurricane Ike's
rain added insult to Hanna's injury in Haiti. The storm collapsed key routes connecting the north and south and
damaged what little infrastructure was left after Gustav's rampage. 

Authorities says 10,000 people
are crammed into 115 shelters in Gonaives, and only 10 of the 115 shelters had food.  

Eva DeHart with For Haiti With Love
says, "Now the river is so high that you can't drive the riverbed, and
the reservoir and the bridge out there failed. The North is isolated now;
there's no way to get supplies from Port Au Prince up to Cap Haitien or any of
the villages." 

Flying supplies in to the cut-off
areas presents a challenge, as most of the runways are flooded. But getting
supplies at all seems to be a major problem.

Hospitals in the lowlands are
closed, leaving small ministries like For Haiti carrying the load. They're sending a team to the burn clinic on
September 16. DeHart says, "Our clinic
has been very, very busy.  We'll be
replenishing a lot of the clinic supplies that have been used for people who
have gotten injured in all of this."   

She says people are coming to
their gates by the thousands now, looking for help. They have 40,000 pounds of supplies
ready to ship to Haiti, but the shipment is stuck on standby in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. 

DeHart urges pray for their
team, acting as the hands and feet of
Christ among survivors.   "Pray that
someone wakes up and realizes that Gonaives is not the only place in Haiti that
had a problem, and that they start sending in some aid relief to the North. Cap
Haitien is the second largest city and it is totally cut off."

If you can help provide funds for the food and medical supplies, click here.  

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