Homelessness rising as economy slides

By December 16, 2008

USA (MNN) — A survey by the U.S. Conference of Mayors showed
that 19 of 25 cities saw a 12% increase in homelessness this year.  

Homeless advocates say the more alarming trend is the number of
families who are flooding homeless shelters across the United States. Their numbers have not been this high
for years, following foreclosures on tens of thousands of homes, high
unemployment and instability.

Worse yet, those numbers are likely to rise across the
United States as the economy continues to falter.  

Ted Gandy, national director of
Here's Life Inner City, says now more than ever,
Homeless Care Kits are needed. "They're intended to help a church to connect with the homeless in
their community. And while a warm blanket, hats, gloves, scarves, toiletries and
Christian literature will not solve their homelessness, it does give a
connection so that the church can work with that family, that individual, to
break out of the situation that they're in." 

Each kit carries the love of God to people in need through
caring Christian workers.  More
importantly, it's ministry that happens one-on-one. Workers not only
meet the physical needs of the poor but also respond to their spiritual
needs by expressing God's love.

In bitter-cold Minneapolis-St. Paul, Here's Life partners with "Christ Satisfies Ministries," an arm of Family Baptist Church,
serving in what's known as "the center of the war zone" — a neighborhood
of poor and homeless as well as prostitutes and gang members.

also what the locals call a "tramp camp" — a building where
homeless people are allowed to sleep. Workers from "Christ Satisfies
Ministries" visit the camp with a supply of Homeless Care Kits to give

The gift can open the door to the life-changing truth of
redemption through Christ, as evidenced by a young man named David.

He was one of the homeless sleeping in the "tramp camp." David had been an alcoholic since he was 14,
and his life spiraled out of control. On
the day he received a Homeless Care Kit, something changed. 

A worker from "Christ Satisfies" got him connected to a Christian shelter where
he could enter a Christ-centered alcohol-rehab program. His life changed for good.

Men like David are why Here's Life is readying 7100
kits for distribution this winter, and your help is needed. "It's about helping a person get stabilized physically, emotionally and spiritually so
that they have the resources to break that cycle of poverty in their

One Homeless Care Kit costs $33. Click here for details.

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