Honduran crisis deepens

By July 7, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — Honduras is sliding toward greater
instability with a refusal to reinstate the ousted Honduran President. 

Jon Hirst with
HCJB Global says with tensions high in the
capital, their team is concentrating on one thing: "They are focused on prayer because
they want to remain neutral in the conflict, and at the same time, they see
this as a great opportunity to call the nation of Honduras to

La Voz Evangélica de Honduras (HRVC) and its counterpart, FM
Stereo Luz, are both partner ministries of HCJB Global Voice. The stations air
satellite-fed Christian programming from Radio Station HCJB in Quito.

According to Patricia Guevara, a journalist at  Radio HRVC, "The pastoral and church
associations have united like never before to intercede, maintaining [a spirit
of] neutrality while inviting peace and respecting order and justice," said Guevara, adding, "Information released to foreign media is not completely
correct; it has been distorted."

The crisis has been exacerbated by a June 30 earthquake
measuring 5.8 on the Richter scale. "Christians continue to pray," Guevara
added. She says they are "asking the Lord to act on outbreaks of violence that
may arise…. We see this as an opportunity for an awakening of the evangelical
church in Honduras. We are on our knees before the Lord. Thanks for praying for

Hirst says their partners are encouraging believers to stand
with the Honduran church. "That's our call today, to be praying not
only for the church in Honduras that they will step up and share the Gospel,
but for the many people who don't know Jesus. We pray that this instability around them
will cause them to consider Christ as the source of their strength." 

HRVC has been on the air for 46 years, broadcasting the Gospel to 70 percent of the country and portions of neighboring Nicaragua and

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