Honduras dodges a bullet as Felix passes

By September 6, 2007

Honduras (MNN) — Flood alerts continue in Central America in the aftermath of Hurricane Felix. The category five storm didn't do as much damage as many had predicted. However, it did dump more than 25 inches of rain in some parts of the region.

World Vision's Oscar Chicas, speaking from Honduras, says, "Nothing serious happened in the country. We had a lot of rains all over the country. Not many problems. Some people were relocated to shelters, but only as a [precaution]."

According to Chicas, World Vision and other organizations were ready to respond to widespread damage, but he says it wasn't necessary. He says warnings helped prevent loss of life.

World Vision has work in Honduras and surrounding areas. Chicas says, "Some areas that we are working in are affected. Some families are now in shelters. We have some reports that maybe some crops have been damaged."

World Vision is helping some of these people in Jesus' name. "We provide blankets, water tanks, some medicine, kitchen utensils and other things that people need for people to survive."

Damage assessment continues to determine if the problem is widespread.

However, Chicas is concerned with the weeks ahead. "September and October are the worst months in the country in terms of hurricanes and storms. We'll be very busy during these months. We don't know about the next two or three weeks. Something could happen."

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