Partnership in Mozambique yields outreach

By September 5, 2007

(MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries continues to see growth as a result of a
partnership with the United Bible Society of Mozambique. 

ASM Missionary Chad Vanden Bosch had productive discussions with the
team there and developed long-range agreements to help get God's Word in audio,
both regular and dramatized Scripture passages, out to more people in this
needy country.

Earlier this year, ASM also partnered with missionaries and
students at the Emmanuel Evangelical Wesleyan Bible College of Xai-Xai Mozambique
to put together a recording studio aimed at future evangelistic work amongst
the Makua and the Lomwe. They are the largest ethnic group in northern Mozambique and also have a large population
across the border in southern Tanzania.

According to SIM, a Lomwe New Testament was published in
1931, and an Old Testament translation is now two-thirds finished. The ASM team has been praying that they would get
permission to do this language recording from the Bible societies, a prayer
that God has recently answered. 

Start to finish, it'll take three months for the Makua
language to be ready to be distributed through ASM. 

Pray for the project funding, and also for a way to get
more Scripture players into the country for distribution.

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