Parliament prayer breakfast leads to request for Bibles

By September 5, 2007

Uganda (MNN) — During a trip to Uganda and a visit with the Minister of Ethics and Integrity of Uganda, Dale Randolph CEO of World Bible Translation Center was offered a chance to attend the National Prayer Breakfast of Uganda.

He was also invited to speak at the Parliament Prayer Breakfast during his visit. Randolph reports, "I told them a little bit about our desire to give a
Bible to every school teacher in Uganda, and they immediately got excited about it. Parliament began to ask, ‘Hey, could we have a copy of that Bible ourselves?'"

WBTC is granting that request, even personalizing each Bible for the 300 members of parliament. Randolph will deliver them when he returns to Uganda for the October 3rd National Day of Prayer.

"It's a very interesting thing to know that every member of the leadership government of this country will have a Bible that has been personalized and given to them, and that many of them have asked for," said Randolph. 

This interest in Christianity is not unusual in Uganda. During the same visit, Randolph was able to meet with the First Lady of Uganda. This was their second meeting. On their
first, "she was urging Parliament to set aside a day of prayer in Parliament. So there are several influences going on in very high places in that country that encourages people to know about our Lord."

Because of the influence of the First Lady, WBTC has been given the opportunity to give every teacher in Uganda a Bible. "I think they're seeing that it is interesting, that it's very significant; so in a way, they're wanting to be a part of it," said Randolph.

Donations are still needed to reach every teacher in Uganda. They need 120,000 more Bibles at $4.00 each. Donate here.

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