Hope amid dying dreams and hunger pains

By March 22, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Before COVID-19 turned everyday life upside down and sideways, the Lebanese dreamed of a new beginning. Protestors demanding a better future filled the streets of Beirut in late 2019. Demonstrations continued sporadically throughout 2020.

People still take to the streets today, but Nuna* with Triumphant Mercy says the demands look a little different than before.

“It’s not like a revolution [or] demanding changes of any kind anymore. Now we’re demanding food; we’re demanding that we could put some food on the table for our children.”

(Photo courtesy Triumphant Mercy)

Nuna and her team at Triumphant Mercy Lebanon deliver Christ’s hope in the form of food aid and other essentials. More about that here. Compounded crises and sky-high prices put these items out of reach in Lebanon.

“Every week we [are] having a delivery of foods because [there are so many] needs. Once a month we would do this [before]; now, every week we’re having a delivery of food because people are hungry,” Nuna says.

Give online to help the Triumphant Mercy team purchase supplies for food packages. Most importantly, pray. Use the prompts listed alongside this article to guide your intercession.

“Pray for us, for the fatigue; it’s tiring to keep lifting people up. Pray for believers in Lebanon, that we will be the light shining in the darkness and that we would be full of hope ourselves,” Nuna requests.

“Things are going to be better eventually. One day, Jesus will break through and change all these things.”


*–Name changed for security purposes.


Header image depicts believers organizing food aid distributions. (Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy)