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Published on 23 September, 2010

Horse camp changes lives

USA (MNN) — In 45 seasons
of summer camps, Avant Ministries Echo Ranch Bible Camp has impacted thousands of children with
the Gospel. It serves approximately
1,000 children in summer programs every year, and about 3,000 people during
the retreat season the rest of the year.

The only full-service Christian camp
and the only camp to offer a horse program in southeast Alaska, Echo Ranch
attracts a lot of unchurched children who want to be with the horses.  Through the ministry of counselors and chapel
services, many of them accept the Gospel. 

"I never knew how to have a
relationship with God, or how to have a relationship with other people, and
going to Echo Ranch Bible Camp changed that for me," one girl explained after
this summer's camping season.  She
especially enjoyed the chapel services.  "I
just couldn't wait to hear the next message. Every chapel I learned something
new, and I could feel God working in me.

Now that camp is over, her life is
different than it was before. "After
camp, everything changed for me. Everything got harder before it got better,"
she said. "I realized it was a test of
faith. I kept my faith and held my ground, and everything pulled through. God
pushed me through everything that was happening and just turned it around into
something good. The friends that I surround myself with now are all God-loving
people, and I am very glad to have them in my life. God changed my life

Echo Ranch is growing. Cabin sizes are growing, its herd of
horses has grown to the size of 22, and additional weeks have been added to the
camping schedule. For the 2011 camping
season, Echo Ranch is trusting the Lord for provision for over $30,000 in
financial needs. The money is needed to
cover costs for RTV, corral fencing, horse saddles, and chainsaws. Consider how you can help use horses to reach
children with the Gospel. 

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