How a pastor’s rice mill business transformed his ministry

By May 19, 2023

South Asia (MNN) — For many pastors in a South Asian country*, the pulpit is not enough to make ends meet. In the depths of financial struggle, one pastor and his family were constantly scraping to get by.

Even though the pastor had some gardening access to grow food for his family, Tim Landis with FARMS International says, “They were living hand-to-mouth. Basically, they were growing and then just feeding themselves with what they are growing.”

Then everything changed when the pastor connected with FARMS and was approved for their small entrepreneurial loans program.

“He was able to start this rice mill in his village and able to support himself, his family, and the local village and the church,” Landis says.

“It extends out to all of that, and the end goal is to help them with their physical needs so then they can continue to preach the Gospel and teach in their local churches.”

(Photo courtesy of FARMS International)

In this area of South Asia, many pastors have to be bi-vocational and work one or more jobs in addition to shepherding a church. A jumpstart into entrepreneurship was just what this pastor needed to not only find financial stability but be a tangible blessing to the very community he is reaching for Christ.

These loans for small businesses to generate additional income are also life-giving when these pastors face persecution and discouragement in ministry.

Landis says, “In these places, when we see baptisms taking place [and] new believers, these pastors aren’t working in vain and they’re not dedicated in vain. Even in these hard circumstances and difficulties where they’re suffering persecution, they are still able to preach the Gospel and people are coming to Christ.”

You can come alongside FARMS’ ministry and help other pastors start their own agricultural businesses through small entrepreneurship loans!

“FARMS has a great need to get more loans out there,” Landis says. “We already have some that are in progress and that we would love to start. But, like any ministry, FARMS has financial needs as well. So that is one area where you can be praying and thinking about supporting FARMS in that way.”

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Header photo courtesy of Sandy Ravaloniaina/Unsplash.

*Country not specified for security.

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