How can Hearing people be part of Deaf ministry?

By September 1, 2021

International (MNN) — You have a heart for the Deaf. You desperately want them to know about Jesus’s love and sacrifice for them. But if you’re a hearing individual, there are a few obvious barriers: language and culture.

So what could you possibly do to help in Deaf ministry?

Well, according to Rob Myers with DOOR International, there is actually a lot that hearing people can do for Deaf Gospel outreach.

For one, Deaf Christian leaders need support in ministry, and hearing believers can help provide that support. Myers says, “Many of these Deaf leaders actually struggle because, for years, they’ve been told they can’t lead and they can’t do things. But they can! God has gifted every single believer with spiritual gifts to be able to serve the Kingdom.”

(Photo courtesy of DOOR International)

Ministries like DOOR empower Deaf believers to reach their communities with Christ’s hope. They also create Video Bibles so more Deaf people groups have access to God’s Word in their heart sign languages.

See how God is changing lives in the global Deaf community.

So pray with DOOR for Deaf Christian leaders. “One of our deep prayers is that every single one of the leaders that we train and that we encounter would discover the place in God’s Kingdom that God has created them to serve in and to be in.

“Pray that God would open up doors and opportunities for us to be able to serve these Deaf leaders and provide them the tools that they need to be able to reach their own communities.”

If you want to take your support even further, you can always give financially to Deaf ministries! Find a local Deaf church and ask about their financial needs. Or you can even donate to DOOR and know that your gift is directly impacting the Gospel’s advancement among the Deaf.

Finally, Myers says, “Spread awareness! [Use articles] like this; many people just don’t know that Deaf communities are unreached by the Gospel. They don’t realize that there are still millions of people who don’t have access. And, they don’t realize that Deaf communities play such a critical role in finishing the Great Commission.

“So as any [reader] learns about this deep need [and] as they share it, that is a critical step in the Church becoming aware of the need and then beginning to take steps toward meeting that need.”

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Header image courtesy of Door International.