How delayed marriage in Ghana affects Gospel ministry

By September 1, 2023

Ghana (MNN) — The average global age of marriage for women is 24, and for men, it’s 27. But in Ghana, many men and women are waiting into their 30s and even 40s to exchange wedding vows.

One significant reason for marriage delays in Ghana is financial barriers. Danny Rogers and his wife Kara Rogers recently went on a Teachers For Teachers missions trip to Ghana with Every Child Ministries.

Danny says as they got to know teachers and young adults in Ghana, “They were super surprised that our children in their 20s were married. In order to get jobs, in order to get a wife or to get married, it just costs a ton of money and you have to bribe lots of people. They don’t feel, I think, a lot of hope that they can get ahead.”

Teachers For Teachers training in Ghana. (Photo courtesy of Every Child Ministries)

ECM supports Haven of Hope Academy in Ghana, sponsors children, and holistically supports families with their Family Empowerment program — all in the name of Christ.

Ministry workers see the impact delayed marriage has on Ghanaian society.

“Some of those systems cause a lot of children to be born out of wedlock [and] a lot of single moms, so that’s a difficult thing for Christian moms,” says Danny. Also, “For Christian men to stay pure and to wait until they’re in their 40s to get married was a difficult thing that they expressed.”

ECM is making a Gospel difference in Ghanaian families. By offering tangible support through their programs, ministry workers introduce children and young adults to Jesus Christ. Christians can receive guidance through Scripture and the Holy Spirit, and seek God’s wisdom when it comes to relationships and marriage.

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Danny asks, “Pray for young believers who are seeing that things should be different to have courage, wisdom, and insight on how to get ahead, how to change things.”








Header photo of wedding in Ghana. (Photo courtesy of Nana Yaw Otoo/Unsplash)