North Korean Christians report acts of healing

By September 1, 2023

North Korea (MNN) — North Koreans know they can’t rely on their government to help them.

Eric Foley with the Voice of the Martyrs Korea says since the great famine in the 1990s, those who have trusted in North Korea’s leadership have suffered greatly. “In other words, when they were relying upon the state alone for food, many of those people perished. So the North Korean people, since that point in time, learned about the importance of being able to provide for themselves.”

“Ironically, the Juche ideology, which is about self-reliance, is something that North Koreans have taken to heart in a different way.”

Some North Koreans rely on the black market to buy medicine or food. But Christians in the country have seen God work in amazing ways.


We often report how Christians in the Middle East see visions of Jesus telling them to connect with local believers. He often reaches North Korean Christians in a different way.

Foley says for decades, North Korean Christians have reported God performing acts of healing among them. “There are many people who have come to know the Lord in North Korea because of the fact that that either a Christian prayed for them, or they were taught to put their hands together and pray to heaven.”

Foley tells the story of a North Korean couple who experienced healing. The husband was a Christian, but the wife didn’t even know it yet.

She became sick, and he taught her to pray for healing. Foley says, “She thought was the craziest thing she ever heard. And she did it and she was healed. She asked her husband, what was that about? What does that mean? And he was able to tell her about the Lord.”

Ask God to continue healing people throughout North Korea.


Photo courtesy of The Voice of the Martyrs USA.