How God uses the COVID-19 pandemic for good

By October 13, 2020

International (MNN) — Seven months ago, the World Health Organization declared a COVID-19 pandemic. Severe challenges persist to this day as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund gather virtually for an annual meeting. The global economic recovery is fragile at best, Financial Times reports. Another wave of infections threatens to undermine any return to normal.

Positive stories may be hard to find, but God is using the pandemic and its changes for good. See our full coronavirus coverage here.

“We finished the summer probably [healthier] than we have in the five years since I’ve been here,” Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries describes as one example of blessing.  Formerly known as Children’s Bible Hour, Keys for Kids helps kids, teens, and families grow in Christ through daily devotionals and radio programming.

“In March, we weren’t sure we’re going to be able to make payroll. God provided with a $100,000 donation [and] our friends matched it. Some other funding came in because there was a huge need for our resources. New donors who had never communicated with Keys for Kids before [reached out because] they wanted to start leading their family in devotions.”

Strength for today

Along with sustaining Keys for Kids through this challenging season, the Lord uses pandemic restrictions to further Gospel work. Lockdown rules in Nepal helped Keys for Kids partners finish a new project ahead of schedule, Yoder explains. More about that here.

“Because they were locked down, the translator didn’t have anything else to do but translate Keys for Kids. It is not only completed, but they’re now going to print their first quarter of Keys for Kids in Nepali.”

Parents can find Keys for Kids materials in English, Spanish, Greek, Macedonian, and Arabic. Contact Keys for Kids here to receive or learn more about international resources. “Eventually, we’d like to offer Keys for Kids devotionals in at least 100 languages around the world,” Yoder says.

(Photo courtesy Keys For Kids)

“[To reach] young adults, or even adults who aren’t from Christian families or have no idea what the Christian faith is all about, using kids’ stories [can] help guard them and gird them with spiritual truth and biblical truth.”

Bright hope for tomorrow

Next year, Keys for Kids Ministries hopes to begin work in the former Soviet Union. The project builds on past relationships Yoder formed through Mission Network News, and the current role he serves at his church.

“We thought that Keys for Kids would be a great resource for families in Russia and Ukraine,” Yoder says.

“What we didn’t know is that they are in desperate need of audio stories as well. A lot of kids in Ukraine and Russia would rather listen to a devotional or a story than read it.”

Support Keys for Kids’ efforts here. Surround the ministry in prayer using prompts listed alongside this article.

“We’re just trusting Him completely, knowing that He’s going to have His way and potentially He could use Keys for Kids to see kids, teens, and families come to know Jesus, grow in their faith, and become multipliers of their faith,” Yoder says.

“We don’t have any fear or concern that God will not provide for these new translations.”



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