How to radiate Christ’s love in the messiness of life

By March 18, 2019

United States (MNN) — Sometimes loving people like Christ and sharing the Gospel message is messy. It is not always linear. e3 Partners realizes this and offers training to help Christians authentically share God’s love.

“I think one of the tendencies we have is to just think that the first step should always be like, ‘hey, I should invite this person to church’. And what this story really emphasizes is that that’s not always the first step. In fact, a lot of the times that might be step four, five, six, seven. It’s all about meeting people where they are and showing a lot of grace, genuinely caring about these people,” Jeff Johnston says.

Genuinely Share Christ

For people who the Church has hurt, sometimes a different approach, besides another church invitation, is needed. Instead, Johnston suggests meeting people where they are. He also notes people need to understand the Church DOES NOT transform people. Only Christ can bring healing, redemption, and reconciliation with God.

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“You start by meeting them in their home or inviting them into your home or meeting at a Starbucks or just praying for them and checking in on them as you can. You have to be patient with this and just trust that Christ will work through your faithfulness, and He will work through your efforts,” Johnston says.

Some people may never see how God uses their relationships and sincere love for others in the transformation process. That is okay. Surrender the process and results to Jesus anyways.

Where to Start

Unsure of where to begin? People can start by crafting a 15-second testimony of the way God has transformed their life.

“It’s really simple. It’s basically just one sentence of, you know, there was a time in my life when I was really attention seeking and always just trying to serve myself. But then I met Jesus, and He changed everything for me. Now my life is just full of contentment and joy, and I’m no longer seeking things for myself but seeking things for Him,” Johnston explains.

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Use this story style as a template to share a personal testimony in any setting. Johnston also recommends people share their testimony with family and friends before sharing it in larger social circles.

Johnston also recommends committing to prayer. Christians can set a daily phone alarm to help remember to regularly pray for their friends, coworkers, family and their spiritual lives. Pray more people would be willing to share the good news of the Gospel and disciple the folks in their lives.

“Every morning, pray ‘God, how would you like to use me today? Show me how you’d like to use me today’. And then just look for those opportunities to be used and trust that when you’re faithful in that, and when you’re courageous and bold in that, that he will use you,” Johnston says.

e3 Partners offers training for churches to educate and guide their communities in how to share their faith. Do not have access to training through a local church? E3 also offers online training resources, too.

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