How to reverse the “post-Christian” trend: change starts at home

By January 10, 2022

USA (MNN) — The latest survey from Pew Research Center reflects another step towards post-Christian America.

Believers still hold a majority in the United States, but their share of the adult population fell 12-percent in the last decade. Protestants saw the most significant decline, a category spanning most evangelical denominations, while Catholics held relatively steady.

Although believers can influence wider society, the reverse is also true.

For example, “if you believe everything you hear in the culture and on television,” Greg Yoder, Executive Director of Keys for Kids Ministries, says.

“[If] you believe religious leaders who don’t [teach] biblical truth, it starts eroding [what] you’ve learned, even as a child.”

To combat the secular shift, Keys for Kids Ministries equips entire families to follow Jesus.

“We’re here to ignite a passion for Christ in kids and teens, but also, families. We’re providing tools for moms and dads to disciple their kids,” Yoder says.

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The battle to shape belief and worldview starts at home. Studies show children who hear the Gospel message between the ages of four- and 14-years old are likely to receive Christ as Savior.

“We want moms and dads to sense, through the Holy Spirit, that there’s something beyond just having a good kid. Having them be good students, getting into that good college, having a family – that’s not what it’s all about. It’s about instilling biblical values [and] the Gospel,” Yoder says.

Take a look at Keys for Kids resources here.

“We share the unchanging message of the Gospel with Keys for Kids devotions, our online ministry, our app – with all the things that we offer,” Yoder says.

Traditionally, parents are the ‘gatekeepers’ of the family unit, monitoring media before it influences the kids. However, God sometimes takes the opposite approach to reach unbelieving parents. “We see that happen time and time and time again,” Yoder says.

For example, Storytellers are solar-powered MP3 devices and stuffed animal holders, equipped with nearly 30 hours of Keys for Kids devotional stories plus a Bible in audio.

“As kids listen to those, and they come to Christ, moms and dads also come to Christ.”

Pray believing parents will take an intentional approach to discipleship with their kids. “If we’re not living out our faith in front of them and talking about tough things, sometimes they’re never going to hear the Word (of God),” Yoder says.

Pray that as families put the love of Christ on display, it will lead others to know the Lord.

“They (unbelievers) have this negative connotation about what Christians are. They reject it and refute it until they see real true followers of Jesus. That’s when things will change.”



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