How to share the Gospel without talking to people

By December 25, 2023

USA (MNN) — Picture the last waiting room you sat in. Did any of the reading material talk about Jesus?

A U.S. believer we’ll call “Book Gary” partners with World Missionary Press to take advantage of Gospel opportunities like these.

With owners’ permission, Book Gary puts WMP Scripture booklet displays in Salvation Army posts, hair salons, mechanic shops, and more. Some of these locations “will contact [WMP] directly because we provide refills,” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

“[At] one of the first places he put them in, the [partner said,] ‘The booklets just fly out of here. We refill the wall every few months.’”

Book Gary started putting up displays in 2018, “and then Gary decided to do this across the country,” Williams says.

“He drove from Indiana all the way out to Oregon, stopped at all places along the way, and said nobody turned him away.”

Today, Book Gary even builds customized booklet displays for some locations.

“He’s designing these on his own time, making them and setting them up so that they’re a little bit different for [each] particular group,” Williams says.

“Pray that he continues to find satisfaction and joy in what he’s doing and that the Lord meets his every need.”

(Photo courtesy of WMP)

Find your place in the story

Packed with Scripture, each WMP booklet holds untold potential to change lives. More about Scripture booklets here.

“This is another way that the Word can be picked up and taken. We’ve had people say, ‘I picked it up at a restaurant,’ or ‘My mechanic has them in his waiting room,’” Williams says.

If you’re shy and talking to strangers about Jesus intimidates you, consider following Book Gary’s example. “People can go to our website and order these displays if they’ve got a place they want to put them out,” Williams says.

“There may be only 150 pieces, but they’re going to multiply over and over.”

Request a WMP Scripture booklet display here.

Each booklet is “full of Scripture; they’re colorful [and] easy to read,” Williams says.

“We do ask that they (readers) have permission to put it (the display) there and that they take on the responsibility to maintain it.”



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