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Published on 22 February, 2012

Humanitarian crisis grows in Sudan

Sudan (MNN) — In the region where
Sudan and South Sudan's borders touch, there's an eerie familiarity in crisis.

An ethnic cleansing has created a
humanitarian problem, and the picture revealed bears resemblance to the tragedy
of Darfur.

The Sudanese government is trying to
suppress an armed rebellion in the Nuba Mountains, but it is civilians who bear
the brunt of the suffering. Sudan is
blocking aid groups and food assistance from reaching the area, in an effort to
starve out the rebels.

Thousands have fled the fighting and
settled in a refugee camp south of the border. The world's youngest country is also
one of the poorest. 90% of the population lives on less than a dollar a

Without food and medicine, the harsh conditions mean that roughly one in
seven in South Sudan dies before the age of five. As the
crisis in South Sudan grows, so too does the number of children forced to live
on the streets. Kids Alive International is trying
to be part of the solution.

Kids Alive is partnering with Hope for Kids in Wau, a town where there
are an estimated 1,000 orphans and abandoned children living on the streets. The street kids have no shelter and are at
risk from physical and sexual abuse, lack of food and adequate clothing, medical care, alcohol and substance abuse, and even imprisonment.

The Good Shepherd Children's Home was founded in response to the
needs of street children who were desperate to leave a life on the streets but
simply had no place to go. The home offers a stable, family environment for
these children to live and grow.

There are currently 12 boys in the home, but the plan is to increase
this to 32 by building new Homes on recently-purchased land. The boys are cared
for by committed staff members. The children all attend school and are involved
in the local church.

The goal of Hope
for Kids International is to raise just over $6300 by April 2012 to
help rescue street-kids and children. Funds will be used to provide
education, food, clothing, and medicine, as well as Bible teaching and spiritual

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