Humble beginnings bring bundles of love and hope to kids at Christmas.

By October 28, 2004

International (MNN)–What began humbly almost 60 years ago with a doctor remembering his poverty as a child, has now become an international ministry addressing those same needs in other children.

With Christmas coming up, AMG International’s Paul Jenks says they want help preparing for a special program through their child care outreach.

The children may arrive hungry, hurting and cold but they leave with a full stomach, good medical care, warm clothing and having been loved with the love that Jesus Himself would have shown them.

The program is called ‘Bundles of Love’. Jenks says, “Today, we give a gift to the children that are sponsored; something that a child would just love and appreciate, and in most of these cases, for these children, this is the only gift that they’ll get all year long.”

Jenks says they’re trying to raise 100-thousand dollars to reach as many children as possible with the hope of the Gospel. “As we distribute the gifts at Christmastime, we also have a large Christmas program, not only dramatizing the birth of Christ, but also taking it through the Easter story and telling the salvation that there is in Jesus Christ.”

20-dollars helps a child participating in the Bundle of Love program.

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