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Published on 17 November, 2011

Hundreds come to Christ, thousands hear His message in India

India (MNN) — A Medical Camp can mean a whole lot more than free medicine.

Bibles for the World spent the last month in India, traveling to Delhi, Assam, Manipur and more. Most of the time was spent in northeast India meeting with partners, speaking at various events, and spreading the Gospel.

For a full week, though, Bibles for the World was involved in a Medical Camp at Sielmat Christian Hospital with another ministry. Tthousands flooded the camp for free healthcare.

"In one week's time, over 6,000 patients were treated, several hundred free glasses were distributed, and hundreds of physically, emotionally, and spiritually needy ones were treated, counseled and prayed for," explains Mawii Pudaite, one of Bibles for the World's founders.

Serious cases required surgeries, and follow-up care was arranged for the weeks after the team left.

More significant than even the physical headway was the response to the Gospel. The Bibles for the World team shared the Good News with all who came through, distributing Bibles to many.

The result was exceptional, says Pudaite. "316 people received Christ as Savior and Lord."

Among the new believers was a professional gentleman named Mr. Singh. When this man's son had become a believer, Mr. Singh tossed him out of the house. Even though his son had since become an evangelist, Mr. Singh was still resistant.

While at the Medical Camp, Mr. Singh began to speak with Pudaite who shared more about the Gospel with him. He accepted the message on the spot. The next day, Mr. Singh returned, visited the Counseling Room, and asked to be prayed for.

It's just one example of the many that are undoubtedly to come as patients who have heard the Good News allow it to sink in. Praise God for the many hearts changed.! Pray that He would continue to sanctify those who have chosen to follow Him. Pray that the message shared by Bibles for the World teams  would not have fallen on deaf ears, and that many would open the Bibles they've been given.

Bibles for the World distributes Bibles and shares the message of Christ with people all around the world. Click here to learn more about their ministry.

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