Hungry hearts consume Scripture

By June 2, 2014
These two have memorized 500 Bible verses!  (Image, caption courtesy AMG)

These two have memorized 500 Bible verses!
(Image, caption courtesy AMG)

Thailand (MNN) — How many Bible verses have you memorized?

Hungry hearts are consuming God’s Word in Thailand. A couple of young girls at AMG International’s Joy Youth Development Center (JYDC) have written 500 verses on their heart.

Christianity is often viewed as a Western religion in Thailand. AMG’s focus on discipleship is equipping these youngsters to become missionaries to their own people.

What began as a small center to support impoverished children from six families has morphed into a youth hostel hosting 50 kids, mostly from the Hmong tribe. Approximately 100,000 Hmong are scattered throughout northern Thailand. As spirit worshippers, or animists, their lives revolve around sacrificing pigs or chickens to please various deities.

JYDC provides an opportunity for both Hmong youth and their families to hear the Gospel. Many children have professed faith in Christ; two are currently attending Bible school. Along with weekly prayer meetings, nightly Bible studies are held Thursday through Saturday; Sundays are time of corporate worship and Bible memorization.

Kids gather for the daily study of God's Word.  (Image courtesy AMG)

Kids gather for the daily study of God’s Word.
(Image courtesy AMG)

Mornings are another time of corporate worship. JYDC youth gather together for devotions using “Our Daily Bread” as a devotional guide, shares center director Saard Yangsunsurn in a recent ministry update.

“Children are growing up both spiritually and physically,” he writes. “[They] love to worship the Lord in songs and have confidence to lead the worship team in turn.”

One of AMG’s goals for their Childcare Ministry is for the Word of God to abide in the hearts of the children. You can help them continue to equip Thai kids for good works through JYDC here.

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