Hurricane relief starts-up once more

By September 10, 2008

USA (MNN) — While the eye of Hurricane Gustav never fell directly over New Orleans or the coastal regions of Hancock County in Mississippi, there was severe flooding left behind. The Bay St. Louis area was hit hard.

CityTeam Ministries was in the thick of cleaning up the wreck that Hurricane Katrina left about three years ago. They quickly evacuated their volunteer teams and stored all their supplies in a donated roller-skate building. Just as quickly, they have returned to the
area after the storm, preparing to continue where they left off.

Some people in Bay St. Louis are still in their FEMA trailers, and others are in newly-built homes. Both groups are still recovering from the loss they experienced three years ago, but CityTeam is ready to help them recover newly-lost belongings. Volunteer teams will continue to help individuals and elderly people whose homes need to be rebuilt. 

The CityTeam camp will also house the volunteer groups. They will cook meals and provide water and other essentials for those who need them.

They estimate that their efforts will require about $200,000 of support. For donations of building materials, CityTeam is partnering with a HANDS team in Jackson, Mississippi
that has a warehouse. Flooring, carpet, drywall and wood are all needed items. For those who cannot donate materially but would like to volunteer, the need for laborers is great. 

Go here to donate.

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