Hygiene kits for Christmas?

By October 28, 2015
(Photo credit: Timothy Smith via Flickr)

(Photo credit: Timothy Smith via Flickr)

Middle East (VBB/MNN) — You probably wouldn’t expect to see hygiene kits on a Christmas list. But it’s the top request Vision Beyond Borders (VBB) gets from their ministry partners in the Middle East.

With VBB’s help, believers in Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan are caring for refugees displaced by ISIS and Syria’s civil war. Learn more about their work here.

Although VBB has packed and sent more than a few 40-foot shipping containers full of supplies (including hygiene kits) to partners working in Middle East refugee camps, the need is never-ending.

Click here if you can help create and send hygiene kits.

Around 15 million people have become refugees; nearly half are children. Partners are continually asking VBB to send more resources so they can help refugees physically and spiritually.

According to the latest update, VBB is purchasing Arabic Bibles to be distributed to refugees in Iraq, and an effort to print New Testaments in Lebanon is also underway. God’s Word is a source of answers for moderate Muslims seeking Truth.

It’s also an encouragement to refugee believers standing firm in their faith.

“They [terrorists] took from us everything,” an Iraqi pastor told VBB. “But actually, no one can touch our joy; no one can touch our faith.

“Because we belong to Jesus, Jesus is our land, not the land of Nineveh. Where we have Jesus, we have the Promised Land. It doesn’t matter where we are living.”

Will you stand with VBB in prayer?

  • Pray that many will see the Truth of the Gospel through the bold witness of Christians.
  • Pray for the hearts of Muslims to be turned to the one, true God.
  • Pray that God will be glorified.
  • Pray that suffering will not be in vain, but will be used to bring glory to God.
VBB_hygiene kit

(Photo courtesy VBB)

You can also get involved by helping VBB meet tangible needs.

Basic medicines like cough-and-cold, fever reducers, and over-the-counter pain relief are in low supply, as well as vitamins, antibiotic ointments, and bandages. In addition, VBB is including school supplies for refugee children in their next shipment to ministry partners.

Visit VBB’s website to learn how you can help them collect and send supplies to their ministry partners.

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