I Am Second announces video series starring Duck Dynasty family

By May 7, 2021

USA (MNN) — I Am Second, a wing of e3 Partners, captures authentic Christian stories through video. Now, the ministry has announced a new series focusing on the Robertson family of Duck Dynasty fame. This TV show ran from 2012-2017.

John Humphrey reveals the name of the series: The Robertson Family: Dysfunction to Dynasty. He says, “It really allows for their story to be told from the earliest days of their family with Phil and Kay. It looks at issues that they dealt with, all the way through a very recent part of their story. Phil discovered that 40 years ago, he had a daughter he fathered out of wedlock. And that’s dealt with in the context of their whole family.”

Al and Lisa Robertson. Al serves as the series’ narrator. (Photo courtesy of I Am Second)

The show features Phil Robertson and his wife Kay, along with many of his children and grandchildren. The 8 episodes come out May 16-20. Humphrey says, “We all have our dysfunctions in our lives. Some is more well-documented and publicized than others. They’ve been quite open with their dysfunctions over the years. But they’ve also not been able to be quite open with how Christ entered into those situations, unique to each one of them. The series allows them to go ahead and provide the guidance and the solution to what they were dealing with at that time.”

Whether you’ve seen Duck Dynasty or not, check out the series to see the work of Jesus in the Robertson family.



The header photo shows Phil and Kay Robertson. (Photo courtesy of I Am Second)