One Miracle Night: a Ramadan prayer vigil

By May 7, 2021

International (MNN) — There’s something powerful about the global Body of Christ uniting in prayer. Last year, over 10,000 believers in 70 countries gathered to pray for Muslims in an online event called One Miracle Night.

More than 50 Christian organizations made One Miracle Night possible, and many of them reported miraculous movements of God in the weeks that followed. Mosques were torn down and churches planted in a country we can’t name for security purposes.

What will the Lord do this year? Register for One Miracle Night 2021 to find out.

This prayer event will premiere at 8:00 am EST on the Jesus Film YouTube channel. For more information or to commit to an hour of prayer check out @JesusFilm
(Graphic, caption courtesy of Jesus Film Project)

Hosted on YouTube by Jesus Film Project, One Miracle Night organizes prayer for Muslims on Laylat al-Qadr, or Night of Power – the holiest night of Ramadan:

The first 20 days of Ramadan are seen as preparation for the final 10 days of fasting. Muslims should be the most zealous and most sincere during the final days of fasting, with Laylat al-Qadr being the pinnacle of blessing.

The Qu’ran teaches that blessings of a thousand months can be received on this night. Muslims seek forgiveness for their sins, and many pray for revelations or visions. Let’s pray they encounter Jesus and His love.

One Miracle Night begins at 8 am Eastern Time tomorrow. This global gathering of believers will pray in 15-minute blocks, asking Jesus to reveal Himself to hearts that are seeking Him.

The event covers prayer needs in 47 countries and will be interpreted in American Sign Language. Download the schedule here so you won’t miss an opportunity to pray for the country God places on your heart.



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