Nepalese Church grows despite Hindu nationalist resistance

By May 6, 2021

Nepal (MNN) — In early April, Hindu nationalists in Nepal forged a document, accusing Christians of creating ethnic divisions. It’s all part of their effort to re-establish Nepal as a Hindu kingdom. Read more about Hindu nationalism in the country here.

In addition, Nepal feels a lot of Hindu nationalist pressure from nearby India. Greg Kelley of World Mission says, “China borders, Nepal on the north side, but it’s all mountains. So it’s very difficult for trade. India almost has a stranglehold on the economy of Nepal. And they even put embargoes in place, when Nepal was attempting several years ago to have open freedom of religion. India said ‘Not so fast.’”

Growth of the Nepalese Church

Nepalese Christians aren’t allowed to evangelize openly, though they can practice their faith in private. Still, Kelley says the Church has seen great growth. “There’s hundreds and hundreds of people every month coming to know Jesus in Nepal. What will happen is a family member, who is a Hindu, will report to the authorities that their sister, their brother, their father, or their mother, converted to Christianity. So the government officials track it down and find the Christian leader who was sharing the Gospel. They find that person and they arrest them.”

Ask God to strengthen these Christian leaders. And pray the Holy Spirit will continue working in Nepal.  Kelley says, “A lot of signs and wonders are going on right now. People are being miraculously healed. They’re being restored supernaturally. Strongholds are being broken. And people pay attention to that.”



The header photo shows a Hindu Temple in Nepal. (Photo courtesy of Chris Richardson from Pixabay)