IBS translates Bible into new language in India

By January 12, 2007

India (MNN) — The Bible is now available in a poetic language in India, thanks to the work of the International Bible Society .

Speaking from Hyderabad, India IBS’ PLM Murthy says the Bible is now available in the Awadhi language. “Awadhi is a language that is spoken up in North India in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 20-million people speak that language. This is the first time the translation has been undertaken.”

According to Murthy, this was a difficult undertaking because Awadhi is a poetic language. He says since Hindu scriptures are also written in poetic languages, he believes many people will read it. Murthy is also surprised by the response from scholars. “The University in North India is using the Awadhi Bible as a text book for the learners of the Awadhi language. We did not anticipate this at all.”

While persecution against Christians is increasing in India, the release of this Bible isn’t expected to incite violence. Murthy says, “Because the text was accepted by the Hindu intelligence and also the University, which stands for secularism, it has been well accepted. We have not seen any opposition whatsoever.”

Murthy says the word is getting out about the new translation. “The Media has covered the event very widely. It appeared on the television and also several local newspapers.”

That’s driving demand for additional Bibles. “Pray for us so that we can produce more copies and that God would enable us to take His word and reach these 20-million people who read this language, because that’s our burden.”

Funding is needed to help print these Bibles.

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