Immense need for Bibles in China

By July 30, 2015

BFC07-30-15China (MNN) — Many say there is more religious freedom in China today than ever before. While there isn’t complete freedom, there is freedom to distribute Bibles to approved areas of the county.

Wendell Rovenstine with Bibles for China just returned from a Bible distribution trip to China. “There’s a need of a minimum of 100,000+ Bibles in the three areas we are going to. One of the areas say there’s a need for…300,000 Bibles.”

That only covers the needs of Christians in some parts of the country. Rovenstine says, “There are people, there are individuals coming to Christ. The church in China is very intentionally touching and reaching people for the Lord that have, for a long time, been seeking God.”

Bibles for China purchases Bibles within China for approved distribution in Northeast China. Rovenstine says it costs just $5 to purchase a Bible. He asked a Chinese Christian about the effectiveness of Bible distribution. “When we give a Bible to someone, can we honestly say one Bible touches someone for Christ and they become a new follower of Jesus Christ? He said, ‘No, it touches a whole family.'”

Your investment of $5 can impact an entire family. Not only is Bibles for China looking for donors, but they need prayer partners, too. Rovenstine is thanking God for answered prayer. He says a translator assigned to them is helping. “She has tremendous ability to make in-country connections for us and understands the climate and what needs to be done and accomplished in order for us to successfully distribute Bibles free and legally. So, basically in our opinion, it’s a God thing.”

While you may not be able to go on a distribution trip, Rovenstine says you can go to their Web site to help. “Just go to We post blogs on there of things that we’re doing. We post information on there that gives them an opportunity to be a part of it.” You can also donate there.

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