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Published on 29 July, 2015

Reaching tourists in China

(Photo courtesy World Missionary Press)

(Photo courtesy World Missionary Press)

China (MNN) — Is there such a thing as a “life-changing vacation”?

A whopping 30 million tourists from mainland China visit Hong Kong and Macau every year. What if it were possible to share the Gospel with all of them?

For several years now, that’s exactly what a partner of World Missionary Press (WMI) has been doing. They’ve been reaching out to tourists–explaining the Gospel, what it means to be a believer, and who Jesus is.

“That, a lot of times, will spark questions from the tourists because many Chinese are very curious about Jesus,” says Harold Mack of WMP.

People have been coming to Christ “on the spot,” but even for those who don’t become Christians at that time, they’re able to learn more about the Truth. How? Tourists are given Gospel bags which contain materials on the Gospel and information on how to get in contact with someone for follow up questions.

“The ministry that we’re working with gives out 100,000 Gospel bags every month between their work in Hong Kong and Macau. And in each of the Gospel bags, they include some of our Scripture booklets,” says Mack.

“This is a way of getting portions of God’s Word into the hands of mainland Chinese tourists as they come into Hong Kong and Macau.”

Because of WMP booklets and other supplies in Gospel bags, Chinese are equipped with the tools they need to continue learning about the Goodness of God, even when they go back home.

(Photo courtesy World Missionary Press via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy World Missionary Press via Facebook)

“We’re getting ready to produce and send two shipping containers full of Scripture materials–one to Hong Kong and one to Macau,” Mack says.

“Each container will include nearly one million Scripture booklets.”

Right now, WMP needs your help. Their ministry is funded by donations as they give booklets away completely free. “For a gift of $25, people can have an impact on 500 people–and even 500 families, because often times these booklets are shared by whole families.”

That’s only five cents per booklet, which could save the lives of a whole family.

Help speak the Truth here or call 1-800-422-WORD.

“We believe that giving people God’s Word is something that impacts them for eternity, and this is an opportunity to have a part of that.”

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