Imran Khan disqualified from holding public office

By October 26, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — On Friday, the Pakistan Election Commission disqualified former Prime Minister Imran Khan from holding public office. A court rejected Khan’s request to overturn the decision.

The former cricket star has massive public support. But he was ousted as Prime Minister in April. Nehemiah with FMI says, “PTI, Imran Khan’s party, is the largest political party in Pakistan. And in an election, they just won six out of eight seats. So they are popular and the largest party as of now in Pakistan. Since he is out of office, he is facing treason and terrorist charges.”

“He is going almost every day to the court.”

But Khan was not disqualified for treason or terrorism. The Election Commission says he hid money gained while in office. Nehemiah says, “The electoral watchdog explained that the PTI chief had not provided details of the gifts Khan received while in office. And he also failed to add the details of the cash and bank account to the Election Commission of Pakistan.”


After the decision, protestors clashed with police across Pakistan. Nehemiah says, “Roads are blocked, and highways are blocked. Our brothers and sisters who serve in the country of Pakistan face all the time this political and social turmoil. Please pray for Pakistani society at large so we can experience and witness the peace of Jesus.”

Nehemiah says any movement against Khan will stir up public unrest. While Khan’s PTI party does enjoy some support from the military, he personally does not. “They don’t want him in politics as a person, but they want to keep his party. This is not acceptable among youth and the public in Pakistan because his party is all about him. He is a popular ex-captain of the Pakistani cricket team who won the World Cup in 1992. He also constructed a couple of cancer hospitals in Pakistan.”



The header photo shows Imran Khan. (Photo by Heinrich Böll Stiftung via Wikimedia Commons.) 

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