In Guatemala, sponsored kids get schooling and discipleship

By May 2, 2023

Guatemala (MNN) — At just five-years-old, Elmer spends most of his days confined to a chair, unable to walk or run with other kids his age in Guatemala.

“He suffers from a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta — what they refer to there as crystal bones disease…. His mother explained that any sudden movements can cause serious injury,” says Brian Dennett with AMG International.

Children born with this genetic disease have very brittle bones that are easily fractured or broken.

Elmer, a child in Guatemala sponsored through AMG International. (Photo courtesy of Brian Dennett/AMG)

For young Elmer, life with crystal bones disease means his legs have become injured and twisted.

Dennett recently traveled to Guatemala with his family to visit one of AMG’s newer school projects. Dennett’s daughter, Abbie Paull, sponsors Elmer. A highlight of the trip was when Elmer and Abbie got to meet.

“We were able to love on them and provide some needs for their family and some gifts,” Dennett says. “We’re hoping to be able to provide some equipment to make [Elmer’s] life more comfortable as quickly as we can.

“They live in a bamboo home that provides little protection from the coming rainy season. We just couldn’t imagine living in a home that’s soon going to be kind of a floor of mud, so we’re also hoping to pursue helping them with a more secure home.”

Dennett and his family spent 12 years serving with AMG in Guatemala before moving back to the United States three years ago. His children all grew up in Guatemala and their family still has a heart for the country and the beautiful people.

“We have, over the years, met a number of the kids that we sponsor and watched them grow up and graduate and thrive, which is just exciting. This particular family, this was the first time we had met them. So it was just wonderful to know them and their situation.”

Along with AMG’s child sponsorship program, the ministry operates 37 schools with 8,500 students. They also run several medical projects, clinics, and a hospital.

Through sponsorship and schooling for Guatemalan kids, AMG seeks to “…share God’s Word with them, mentor them, disciple them, but also to see them come up out of poverty and have opportunity through learning.”

(Photo courtesy of Brian Dennett/AMG International)

You can sponsor a child in Guatemala (or ten other countries) through AMG for just $36 a month!

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In Guatemala, there are 105 kids still waiting for a sponsor (at publication time).

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“Many families there are struggling with food security, housing, [and] education,” says Dennett. “By sponsoring children at AMG…we’re able to give children access to education and we’re also able to reach their entire family.”







Header photo of Elmer and his sponsor, Abbie Paull. (Photo courtesy of Brian Dennett/AMG International)

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