India persecution keeps Christian lawyers busy

By May 1, 2023

India (MNN) — Despite promises of protection from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the persecution of religious minorities continues unabated in India.

At a rally last week in northern India, event speakers accused Christians and Muslims of using religious conversion to “destroy” the country:

“These Christian people, they trick the innocent Hindus and convert them to Christianity. In the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, and Tripura, they have converted everyone to Christianity. They have used big amounts of money for this purpose. A lot of the foreign organizations are funding this. Additionally, these brands like Colgate, Tata, Rin, 30% of this money also goes to these Christians, who then convert our brothers. Do not use Colgate or Surf. Use only Babool or Patanjali.”

Persecution is a growing problem in India and has been for several years.

There were 700 violent attacks on Christians between 2021 and May 2022. Instead of going after the attackers, police detained 510 pastors and persecution victims, using anti-conversion laws to justify most of their arrests.

“The situation is very [bad], especially in the rural areas,” says Sushil George, Sui Juris Law Firm director and Voice of the Martyrs Canada partner.

“The lawyer’s role is very critical [during this] time of persecution in India.”

According to India’s Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, the government’s official position is “There is no communal violence against Christians in India.” However, the reality on the ground says the opposite.

“Wherever there is a prayer going on, immediately they (police) turn that situation into a conversion issue, and false charges are being made,” George says.

“One pastor was having a birthday party and a prayer meeting at one of the villages. The fanatic mob, they attacked them, and he was in jail for 21 days.”

Listen to the full conversation with Sushil George on VOM Canada’s Closer to the Fire podcast.

India’s Supreme Court will issue a ruling on Christian persecution in eight states next Monday. Believers petitioned the land’s highest court to examine this issue last fall. Government lawyers say the reported attacks are nothing but lies and exaggeration.

Pray that justice will prevail and government leaders will take action to stop persecution.

“Please pray that more Christian lawyers [will] be involved in helping the persecuted Christians,” George requests.

“Pray that whenever [there is] persecution, the right lawyer can help us to provide bail and acquit them from the false [charges].”



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