Traditional schools in Uganda ordered to stop school fees

By May 1, 2023

Uganda (MNN) — Traditional schools in Uganda with any form of government funding are in a tough position. The Ugandan government recently told these schools to remove all school fees or risk losing government-funded grants and aid.

At first glance, it may sound reasonable as Uganda promotes free Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE).

However, schools that rely on government aid are already struggling — even after charging some additional school fees.

Morris Kabuye, national director of TeachBeyond Uganda, says, “You can come into Uganda today and visit any USE and UPE schools — many of them lack teachers, many of them lack books, the classrooms sometimes are empty, at least for my district I know for sure. I’ve been there. I go there every week.”

Also, government funding for these schools is often too little, too late. School fees close the gap.

(Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond Uganda)

Kabuye says, “The funding that comes from the government is always late. Even right now, as we speak, civil servants are having to wait for more than four months without payment.

“So these teachers who are being paid very, very little are having to wait for these number of months to even get the little that they have been promised. They will not come into classes. This actually accelerates the dropout rates for these young people.”

At least 74% of traditional schools in Uganda that accept some form of government funds are operated by community and faith-based groups — including the Catholic Church, the Church of Uganda, and the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

TeachBeyond operates Butambula Christian Academy, a private Christian school in Uganda that offers Gospel-based education and, thankfully, doesn’t rely on any government funds.

They do, however, rely on prayers and support from the global Body of Christ.

You can give to TeachBeyond Uganda here! Help them continue as an educational beacon for the Gospel in Uganda.

Meanwhile, please pray for wise and godly leadership in the government of Uganda as they seek to address the nation’s educational needs.

Kabuye asks for prayer “that our leaders will be transformed, that God will touch their hearts, and God may put [in] leaders that care about the people and take out leaders that do not care about the people.”







Header photo courtesy of TeachBeyond Uganda.

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