India church planter loses facility; unable to find new church home

By March 7, 2008

India (MNN) — Grace Ministries International's Subash
Muthyala writes that they are in desperate need of a place for worship. The team works in Hyderabad, India in church
planting and discipleship.  

It's not the first time the Muthyalas have been forced to
relocate. They lost their church
building in late 2003 after a neighboring Hindu filed a complaint against

While a Hindu on one side of the street objected to their
presence, one on the other side welcomed them and helped them rent the
space. The ministry flourished in the new location
even as Hyderabad began to take on a "Silicon Valley" look and feel.

But GMI's Sam Vinton says at the end of December, things
began falling apart. "They have up
to the end of this month to vacate the property that they were renting, which I
think the owner wants to rent to someone else–a different kind of facility so
he can make more money. We're expecting
a miracle from the Lord because otherwise, every one of our efforts have been
futile thus far." 

The Muthyalas planted three churches in the Kakinada area and
are also involved in leadership training, youth ministry and Sunday school
teacher seminars. For them not to have a
headquarters or a central gathering place would cause their forward growth to

Because of the new economy in India and the money coming to
cities like Hyderabad, real estate is at a premium. Vinton says rental prices in Hyderabad have
exceeded what the team can afford. At
other times, landlords have turned them down because they are Christians. Vinton notes,
"To find a place of worship without moving completely out of that area
(which then would mean that all the people living in that area would not be
able to attend) — that's really the pressure that they're living under right

The only thing they can use is "prayer, because we hope we can just keep extending this for a few months while we have more of an
opportunity to find something new. Pray that the Lord will open
someone's heart who would be willing to rent property to the church."

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