Diplomatic tensions aren’t expected to deter trip

By December 20, 2013
(Image courtesy opensourceway via Flickr)

(Image courtesy opensourceway via Flickr)

India (MNN) — The back-and-forth diplomatic battle between India and the U.S. continues.

Upset by the recent arrest and alleged mistreatment of a diplomat, India is demanding a remedy from U.S. leaders and removing U.S. diplomat privileges. American response is divided; Secretary of State John Kerry expresses “regret” over the incident while U.S. Attorney Preet Bhara defends charges against the Indian diplomat in this letter obtained by Fox News.

There’s concern of a ripple-effect, possibly impacting U.S. entry into India.┬áKaytie Fiedler with India Partners says the likelihood of this preventing their mission trip in February is minimal.

“We always have our team’s safety in mind first, and I always tell people our best advisor and our best bodyguard is always God,” she states. “He has protected all of us, every time we’ve gone.”

From February 14, 2014 to March1, India Partners is taking a team to minister in Mumbai’s red-light district. They’ll be working alongside the ministry’s in-country partners, Sahaara Charitable Society, counseling and sharing Christ’s love with trafficked women.

Women in one of Mumbai's red-light districts.  (Image courtesy sandrinecohen22 via Flickr)

Women in one of Mumbai’s red-light districts.
(Image courtesy sandrinecohen22 via Flickr)

“It will be an opportunity of a lifetime,” Fiedler notes. “You will have the opportunity to go into the heart of the red-light area. You will sit down and meet with some of these ladies that are still working.

“We have Bible study with them; we pray with them and encourage them.”

People who aren’t involved in lay ministry or counseling shouldn’t think they can’t participate, adds Fiedler. Before entering the red-light district, team members will undergo training in counseling and learn best practices for connecting with the women.

“God can use all of us when we lay ourselves out there and do things we feel that He’s tugging at our heart to do,” says Fiedler.

“No matter where God’s put you in your work life, He will use you to minister to people on the other side of the world.”

It’s not too late to sign up for this trip, click here for more information.

As the Lord brings together the people He’s called for this trip, please cover them in prayer. Pray for India Partners staff as they work out trip logistics. Pray for Sahaara Charitable Society workers as they prepare to host the team.

Most importantly, ask the Lord to prepare the hearts of women and children stuck in Mumbai’s sex slavery. Pray that they will be receptive to the Gospel.

“India needs evangelism; they need the Word of God,” notes Fiedler. “It’s going to take people and time and energy to do that, so pray that God will continue to use His people in India to spread the Word and the Good News.”

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