India Partners provides hope and safe haven

By December 7, 2009

India (MNN) — Last week, the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery reminded nations of their commitment to end modern-day slavery. Through national ministries, India Partners provides the resources to get India's sex workers off the streets. 

According to the United Nations International Labor Organization, 12.3 million people are engaged in forced labor and sexual servitude at any time. Children compose up to 2 million of these statistics. India Partners provides shelter, medical attention, vocational training and hope for victims of this global tragedy.

Savitha and Sula* benefited from help provided by India Partners-assisted ministries. SCS, a partner agency, assisted Savitha and encouraged her to leave the sex trade. SCS aided her throughout multiple episodes of sickness and hospital visits, and obtained custody of Savitha's two children before she passed away. Through SCS, these children have hope and opportunities for full lives.

Sula was trafficked into a brothel in Mumbai, the chief human trafficking destination in Asia, according to India Partners. Through their partner agency, India Partners built a relationship with Sula through medical care and counseling. Despite her baby's still-birth, Sula remained firm in her decision to leave the sex trade. She entered India Partners' rehabilitation center and enrolled in the vocational training program. Sula received Christ and chose to be baptized in October; she faces her new future with hope.

India's HIV/AIDS epidemic stems from the commercial sex trade and exploitation of enslaved children. Click here  to find out how your donations to India Partners can help free more imprisoned innocents.

Ask God to protect national ministries as they rescue sex slaves from society's darkest fringes. Pray also for female sex workers who decide to leave the trade; they're extremely vulnerable in terms of health and potential exposure to HIV.

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