Indian Christian leaders fall ill amid COVID-19 wave

By May 7, 2021

India (MNN) — Early in the year, India had low COVID-19 cases. As people resumed normal life, many felt the country had beaten the disease. Now, India suffers through the worst COVID-19 surge the world has yet seen, with full hospitals and thousands of deaths every day.

Brian Dennett of AMG International says Indian Christians are no exception. “Our partners in India have been reporting just a dramatic [infection] increase in staff as well as students in schools and in health care centers that they’re doing there. [They’re also reporting] the very, very serious illness of some very key important leaders.” Dennett asks readers to pray for healing among these leaders and other Christians who are sick.

How did things get so bad?

Dennett talks about how things got so bad so quickly. “The population is enormous. And you also really see people living on top of each other. In such close proximity, it’s very easy to understand how this could happen. I also think that there was maybe a bit of overconfidence early in the year that the COVID-19 numbers had dropped, and that they were moving beyond it. And that just hasn’t been the case.”

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