Indian leader threatens Hindus who celebrate Christmas

By December 13, 2021

India (MNN) — A Hindu leader in Northern India has threatened violence against any Hindus who enter Christian churches to celebrate Christmas. Local media say the police have begun investigating the threats.

John Pudaite with Bibles for the World says this area has a large Christian population. “This is a time when many of the churches do reach out. They hold public meetings. They have displays of nativity scenes or other things, and they may do some outreach with the community. Even the Hindu families will come on their evening stroll and walk by the Christian churches, just enjoying the festivities.”

Now, the Hindu leader says these visits must stop, saying it will result in locked Hindu temples. Local Christians say this stance will further divide religious factions against each other.

Local churches

Bibles for the World works with several churches in this area. Pudaite says they need to be careful. “Whether they do something or not, there are often false charges that can be brought against the Christians. We’re seeing, this of course, all across India: false charges of forced religious conversion or religious conversion by inducement with something material or financial. This is always the threat that comes with this type of a situation.”

Pray many in Northern India will hear the good news of Christmas: God in human flesh. Pudaite says, “We need to pray also that those who are from other faiths (the Hindus and Muslims) who are drawn to Christianity at this time may still have open hearts.”

Pray also for the safety of Christians and Hindus who may be targeted by Hindu nationalists. Ask God to foil their plans and turn their hearts away from violence.



Header photo courtesy of drehkopp on Pixabay.

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