India’s latest COVID-19 wave wipes out Christian leaders

By April 28, 2021

India (MNN) — New COVID-19 infections are declining in the United States, but they’re picking up everywhere else. Globally, there have been nearly as many new cases in the past week as the first five months of the pandemic. India holds most of the caseload.

“The spike in India is very, very real. We’ve seen over a million new cases in the last three days; more than 2 million in the last week, and the death rate has climbed incredibly high,” Bibles For The World’s John Pudaite says.

“The hospitals are way beyond overflowing. You’ve got three people in a bed, people lined up on the ground outside of hospitals hoping to get a bed; there’s no capacity,” he continues.

“It is a very, very serious situation for the country, and especially for the body of Christ in India.”

In a nation filled with rampant Hindu nationalism, Bibles For The World trains Christian leaders at Bible colleges. BFTW Seed Sowers’ Seminars train leaders to evangelize and equip new believers for church planting efforts in under-reached regions.

“There are over 125 significant church leaders that have passed due to COVID, or are in critical condition in ICU right now. This is going to create a tremendous vacuum in the body of Christ,” Pudaite says.

The pandemic has been very hard on our students, which is why we are happy to announce that our Trinity College and Seminary students are back to their classes! The next few months will be very busy catching back up but the students are so happy to be back!
(Photo, caption courtesy of Bibles For The World)

“We don’t have that many leaders across the country as a whole. We’re going to be facing some tough challenges in the years ahead.”

Not only will the Body of Christ mourn individuals killed by the virus, but Pudaite says it also needs to fill the void left behind. Ask the Lord to comfort believers’ families. Pray God will raise a new generation of leaders Bibles For The World can train.

“This is going to be a need for the next five, 10, 15 years – just to replace those leaders we have lost,” Pudaite says.

Pray also for Christian medical workers throughout the country. Pray for strength and endurance.

“We’ve been blessed in our state; we don’t have the highest spike, but we’re bracing ourselves and gearing up in case it happens,” Pudaite says, referring to Bibles For The World’s small hospital.

Believers meet medical needs in Christ’s name, pointing patients to the Great Physician. “There are a lot of Christian hospitals in India and they are completely overwhelmed. Pray that they will get their needed supplies, their resources, their personnel,” Pudaite requests.

“Pray like never before for the Body of Christ on the frontline dealing with this pandemic, especially those in Christian health care, medical ministries.”



Header image depicts a medical camp last year in rural India. (Photo courtesy of Bibles For The World)

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