India’s monsoon flooding provides growth opportunities for ministry

By July 4, 2008

India (MNN) — Monsoon flooding
is a regular occurrence in parts of India. For Audio Scripture Ministries' partner, the World Cassette Outreach of
India, a particularly bad flood several years ago revealed a problem: "The old
house that was originally on the property is below-grade, and every time the
monsoons come, it floods to one degree or another. That building desperately
needs to be torn down. It's not a huge building, but we're going to build on
top of it." 

A 2006 typhoon caused significant
water damages, cracking paint and crumbling walls. Repairs were made, but
even then, Dudenhofer says, the team knew their time was measured. At the time, he noted, "The building that
the residence currently is in is over 100 years old. We spent some money to
repair the roof and to seal some of the obvious cracks in the residence that's
there. These fixes are only temporary." 

Dudenhofer notes that the audio
Scripture work the team does is often disrupted by repeated flooding. Repairs
further delay translation and recording projects. ASM's Tom Dudenhofer says they're now about a
third of the way toward their financial goal for a new facility in
Bangalore.  The headquarters plays a
vital role in bringing the Gospel in India to those who can't read. 

For them, it's becoming a race
for space. The building, says Dudenhofer,
is crucial for the next 30 years of Scripture in audio ministry. "Even though there is persecution, the
country is very open right now. We believe it's really imperative to be able to
put up a building that would allow our partners to train regional directors
for Audio Scripture Ministry. Right now,
the facilities simply do not exist."

The lack of space slows new
projects. At present, the staff has been
recording three different languages, all of which need funding. 

ASM is trying to raise $375,000 to
build the new facility. Plans include
three stories that would allow their partners to train regional directors and church
leaders to continue this outreach.

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