International Aid is preparing for a long hurricane season.

By July 12, 2005

USA (MNN) — While Hurricane Dennis wasn’t as bad as predicted, US residents in the Florida panhandle still felt its devastation. But with last year’s rough hurricane season and another turbulent year predicted for this year, International Aid is gearing up to meet the immediate and the long-term needs throughout the hurricane region in the coming months.

International Aid’s Dean Agee says their disaster team is working together with several churches and relief organizations in Florida and Alabama to send and distribute tarping materials (needed for temporary home roof repair) and disaster hygiene kits to meet those immediate relief needs.

Since Hurricane Ivan hit the same area last year, Agee says, “It must just be incredibly devastating to have experienced two hurricanes like this within ten months. You really would have to be a stoic person, and holding those people up in prayer is really important right now.”

Damage assessments are being made to determine more specific needs, but for I-A, Agee says, “While disasters can be overwhelming we have to remember that God has called us to be faithful with what we have. We are part of His solution and part of His answer; we’re not the entire answer. And so, at International Aid we really focus on what is it we can do and then we try to be the most faithful and efficient stewards to the mission that we’ve been called to. And so, no matter how many hurricanes (we have) or events like tsunamis, we try to remember the faithfulness and we work and do what we can and try to make a difference in the lives of those we can touch.”

In response to last year’s four hurricanes, I-A donated $1 million (USD) in aid to the those victims left in the storms’ paths. And in addition to the US disaster relief, I-A is evaluating pre-stage disaster supplies for Central America.

International Aid needs help to continue providing relief efforts in the wake of Dennis, and as they prepare for the coming season of storms. Follow the highlighted link above to visit their website and make a contribution.

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