International conference paves the way for relationships

By November 10, 2006

International (MNN)–E3Partners’ Tom Doyle says they’re planning an international conference at the end of January. It’s the first step in laying the groundwork for a global body.

They’re bringing in several partners from the Middle East to talk about their work. “The point would be to just show the American church what is truly happening. Obviously, we’re not going to get the good news from around the world. So many times, we have trouble getting the information. These leaders will be bringing up to date information about what’s going on and how God’s moving.”

Doyle says they’re looking to resource the global church and create a support network. They’re hoping American church leaders join ranks with other team members to go to the field, directly serving with national leaders and co-workers to share the Good News, disciple new believers, encourage national Christians and help them establish multiplying churches.

Many of the people they work with are in creative access countries. Doyle says, “I think the most important thing is to just pray for the church to stay bold in the midst of it. They know that if they’re evangelistic, it’s going to ‘rock the boat’ and there will be some Muslim backlash. They are like us. At times they get tired and frustrated, but they ask that we would pray for their boldness.”

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